Season preview 1927/28: Kilmarnock F.C. (Athletic News)

August 1, 1927
There is little change in the personnel of the Kilmarnock club for the coming season. With the departure of Mr. Alex Gibson to take up the managerial position with Preston North End the club have lost an old and valuable director. One or two of last season’s players have not been re-engaged, but that principally affects the reserve team.

The migrations are Robert Ritchie (half-back) to Queen of the South, while William Gould (goalkeeper) has retired for business reasons, and John Dunlop (half-back) and James McCall, Robert Scott, Leslie Crump, Andrew Brown, Leitch, and Wilson (forwards) have not been re-engaged and are still unsigned. Dawson Walker (forward) has gone to America, and Matthew Smith, who fractured his leg in the opening game last year, is still doubtful as to his intensions.

The newcomers are Pirrie (goal), from Beith; Robertson (back), from Irvine Victoria; Connell (forward), from Newmilns; and Williamson, from Ardrossan Winton Rovers.

The ground has received special attention, and looks in excellent condition. The board anticipate a much happier start than last season, when two players were lost for the season through accidents in the first match. Mr. Harry Alexander is again chairman, while Mr. Hugh Spencer looks after the secretarial work. Kilmarnock open at Tynecastle on August 13.

Samuel Clemie,
5ft. 11in, 12st. 4lb.;

Robert Pirrie,
6ft. 3in., 13st. 5lb.;

James Hood,
Right back,
5ft. 8in., 11st. 4lb.;

James Leslie,
Left back,
5ft. 11in., 13st.;

Joe Niblo,
Left back,
5ft. 8in., 12st. 11lb.;

Thomas Robertson,
Left back,
5ft. 8in., 11st.;

Hugh Morton,
Right half-back,
5ft. 9in., 11st.;

Harry Inglis,
Centre half-back,
5ft. 11in., 11st. 9lb.;

John Mathieson,
Centre half-back,
5ft. 8in., 12st..;

James McLeod,
New Cumnock,
Centre half-back,
5ft. 9in., 12st. 10lb.;

William Reilly,
Left half-back,
5ft. 8in., 11st.;

John McEwan,
Left back-half,
5ft. 8in., 11st.;

John Murphy,
Outside right,
5ft. 6in., 11st.;

Harry Cunningham,
Inside right,
5ft. 7in., 11st. 2lb.;

James Weir,
Centre forward,
5ft. 6in., 10st. 7lb.;

James Ramsay,
Inside right,
5ft. 7in., 11st.;

James Thomson,
Outside left,
5ft. 4in., 10st. 10lb.;

James Williamson,
Inside right,
5ft. 10in., 11st. 4lb.;

William Connell,
Inside left,
5ft. 5in., 10st.
(Source: Athletic News: August 1, 1927)




  1. My husband knew his father was a goalie for Beith Juniors and we thought it a rumour that he played for Kilmarnock F.C. By the power of the internet we found Robert Pirrie’s name listed for 1927/28 Season, only today 25 August 2017!. Would there be any other information recorded elsewhere about Robert Pirrie’s connection with Kilmarnock F.C. and did he in fact ever play for Kilmarnock F.C.

    1. Hello,

      I am happy you found some information about your husband’s father. I have access to a couple of newspaper archives online and will have a look around if I can find more related articles about Robert Pirrie.

      I will keep you posted.


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