Season preview 1927/28 – Raith Rovers F.C. (The Athletic News)

Monday, August 1 – 1927
Raith Rovers have practically all the men who won the club promotion in the spring, but of the lot only four or five were in the Kirkcaldy team when the Rovers were a First Division club two seasons ago, and so far as experience of senior football is considered the Rovers’ players have mostly a lot to learn.

Barton is the only member of the back division who was with the Rovers two years ago, and he fell out of the game for a time on account of injury. Deuchar and Pitcairn were ins and outs in the half-back line, and Dorrans and Turner made fitful appearances in the forward line, which, as the season wore on, contains Reay and Allison, who were taken over from Kettering. Muir was installed as goalkeeper when Jimmy Mathieson went to Middlesbrough. Jarvis was imported a year ago.

The goalkeeper and left back did well all last season, when the strength of the side lay in defence. One or two of the new men have not yet work Raith colours, and the strength of the side is wholly undetermined. The position is a rather anxious one.

James Muir,
5ft. 9½in., 10st. 7ln.;

George Barton,
Right back,
5ft. 7½in., 10st. 10lb.;

Sidney Jarvis,
Left back,
6ft. 0in., 12st. 7lb.;

Alex Bain,
Full back,
5ft. 11in., 11st. 7lb.;

D. McCraig,
Right half-back,
5ft. 7½in., 11st.;

William Deuchar,
Right half-back,
5ft. 8in., 10st. 8lb.;

John Pitcairn,
Centre half-back,
5ft. 9in., 11st.;

John Syme,
West Calder,
Centre half-back,
5ft. 11in., 11st.;

Thomas Batchelor,
Left half-back,
5ft. 7in., 10st. 12lb.;

George Reay,
East Honden,
Outside right,
5ft. 10in., 11st.;

Alexander Ritchie,
Outside right,
5ft. 7½in., 10st. 7lb.;

Owen Dorrans,
Inside right,
5ft. 7½in., 10st.;

James Cowie,
Centre forward,
5ft. 7in., 10st. 7lb.;

Albert Pigg,
Centre forward,
5ft. 11in., 11st. 7lb.;

William Allison,
Inside left,
6ft. 0in., 11st.;

Thomas Turner,
Outside left,
5ft. 5½in., 9st. 10lb.;

Robert Crinean,
Outside left,
5ft. 7in., 10st. 2lb.
(The Athletic News, 01-08-1927)

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