Arsenal the first team to play with a white football

August 5, 1927
The Arsenal Football Club’s experiment of playing their trial game on August 20 with a ball painted white is not, in the opinion of Mr. Herbert Chapman, the manager, likely to be universally adopted.

Asked whether it would contravene any regulations, Mr. Chapman said –
“I don’t see why it should. There are no regulations as to the colour of a ball, and clubs are entitled to do as they please. In any case, this is purely an experiment, and I doubt whether it will ever be done in League matches.”

Mr. Frederick Wall, Secretary of the Football Association, said that the use of white ball would not be contrary to the laws of the game.
“As an experiment,” he added, “it may prove to be very helpful, and it may even be thought well to play with a white ball in representative or competition game.”
(Evening Telegraph: August 5, 1927)

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