Season preview 1927/28 – Northampton Town F.C. (The Athletic News)

Monday, August 8 – 1927
Northampton Town had such a disappointing time in 1926-7 that it is not surprising they are making more changes than for several years. So far as the defence is concerned, most of the men who figured in the first team are retained, and the only newcomer is Russell, of Watford, a left back. Brett is most likely to cross to the right flank should Watson need a deputy.

The half-back line as reconstructed in the middle of the season is available, with the addition of two new men – George Odell, hitherto an amateur who distinguished himself with St. Alban’s City, and J. Wilson, the ex-Reading player. Tresadern’s name appears in the list of candidates for the middle line, but his broken leg has mended so slowly that it is dubious whether he will be able to appear until late in the season.

A complete set of new forwards has been signed in Daly, the Notts County winger; Smith, the Manchester United, inside right; Cowen, of Barnoldswick; and Loasby, he Wellingborough centre-forward, with prolific scoring recruits, E. Price and J. Aitken who were partners on the left wing at Norwich, and H.S. George (Rushden), who reappears after a season’s absence.

A considerable number of young players are to have trials. Of the men who have severed their association with the club, Les Robinson has been secured by Norwich, and Billy Williams returns to Wales, but so far as is known Percy Allen, Andy York, Tom Adey, Evan Edwards, and George Cockburn have not found fresh quarters. Joe Groome, who played centre-forward for Northampton as an amateur, has turned professional with Watford.

Len Hammond,
5ft. 11½in., 12st. 5lb.;

William Cave,
5ft. 11in., 12st.;

William Watson,
Right back,
5ft. 10in., 12st. 5lb.;

Frank Brett,
Right back,
5ft. 11in., 12st. 7lb.;

Thomas Jeffs,
Left back,
5ft. 8½in., 12st. 6lb.;

George Russell,
Left back,
5ft. 8in., 12st.;

George Allon,
Right half-back,
5ft. 9in., 11st. 10lb.;

George Odell,
Right half-back,
5ft. 9in., 11st. 7lb.;

W. Andrews,
Right half-back,
5ft. 8 ½in., 10st. 8lb.;

Bob Maloney,
Centre half-back,
5ft. 10½in., 12st. 8lb.;

Jock Wilson,
Centre half-back,
5ft. 10½in., 12st. 7lb.;

Ralph Hoten,
Left half-back,
5ft. 11in., 12st. 4lb.;

Jack Tresadern,
Left half-back,
5ft. 6in., 10st. 6lb.;

Eric Tomkins,
Left half-back,
5ft. 6½in., 10st. 4lb.;

Joe Daly,
Outside right,
5ft. 8in., 10st. 6lb.;

William Fraser,
Outside right,
5ft. 8½in., 11st. 9lb.;

Tom Smith,
Inside right,
5ft. 8in., 12st.;

Ernie Cockle,
East Ham,
Centre forward,
5ft. 10in., 11st. 13lb.;

Jimmy Cowen,
Centre forward,
5ft. 9in., 12st.;

Harry Loasby,
Centre forward,
5ft. 7½in., 11st. 6lb.;

Eric Price,
Inside left,
5ft. 10in., 11st. 8lb.;

William Shaw,
Inside left,
5ft. 5in., 9st. 13lb.;

Jock Aitken,
Outside left,
5ft. 8in., 11st.;

Tommy Wells,
Outside left,
5ft. 8½in., 10st. 4lb.;

Herbert George,
Outside left,
5ft. 7in., 10st. 3lb.
(The Athletic News, 08-08-1927)


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