Neil McBain on St Johnstone’s transfer list

Wednesday, November 9 – 1927
At his own request Neil McBain, the St Johnstone centre half-back, is to be placed on the “open-to-transfer” list.

Neil is anxious for a change, and the Saints’ directors are not to stand in his way.

McBain belongs to Campbelltown, and prior to coming to Muirton Park early last season, he was with Ayr United, Manchester United and Everton.

Last summer he was placed on the Saints’ transfer list, but before the present season opened he and the directors came to terms.

Although he has not played often in the First League team this season, his recent appearances against Aberdeen and Bo’ness revealed his sterling value as a pivot.

McBain was capped against England in 1922, against Wales in 1924, and Ireland in 1923.
(Dundee Evening Telegraph, 09-11-1927)

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