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With a short, thick neck, and a visage which bears the impress, in capital letters, of determination, he presents a fierce appearance, particularly in his war paint when he has indulged in a few embraces with Mother Earth and his face is more or less spattered with mud.
(Lancashire Evening Post, February 6 – 1904)

Born: 1880, Beith (Ayrshire), in Scotland.
Passed away: March 13 – 1928, in Preston (Lancashire), in England.

Position: Centre half.

Height: 5 feet, 8 inches
Weight: 12 stone, 6 pound.

Beith, signed, August 2 – 1898.
Liverpool, signed, September 27 – 1899,
* eligible for Liverpool in official matches, October 5 – 1899.
Preston North End, signed, May 16 – 1902.
Ayr Parkhouse, signed, Aug. 2 – 1909.
Ayr United, signed, 1910.

Lancashire Combination Select XI (v. Birmingham League: February 1, 1902)

Lancashire Evening Post, February 6 – 1904.

Jack Hunter, Liverpool and Preston North End
Jack Hunter, Liverpool and Preston North End

Lancashire Evening Post, November 22 – 1907.
Jack Hunter 1907