Ephraim Longworth’s new role

May 28, 1928
A great back has passed from active service by the retirement of Ephraim Longworth, the famous Liverpool and England International defender. But I am pleased to say that he is not to be lost to the game. He has been appointed coach to the club which he has served with such distinction since 1910, and of only his pupils will accept his precepts they will not go far wrong.

Longworth has been an exemplary player in every respect, and I remember hearing a famous international, and one of the speediest men of his day, say that he was the only back who could catch him once he had got away. The Anfield club have always had a warm corner in their hearts for old servant. William Connell, who has been with them for 25 years in the capacity of trainer, has been given a pension on his retirement, and Charlie Wilson, a former half-back, has been appointed his successor, with Charles Hewitt the erstwhile forward, as his assistant.
(Source: Athletic News: May 28, 1928)

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