Liverpool F.C.: The annual meeting of 1928

June 14, 1928
Liverpool F.C. held their annual meeting at Cook Street, and though letters sent to this office suggested there would be an unusual strain, and that swords and pistols would be provided, actually it was one of the happiest meetings the club has held.

The speech of the evening was made by Mr. Smith, who has some experience of company meetings, and a happy voice and style. He seconded the proposition of thanks to, and confidence in, the directors, proposed by Mr. Porter. Mr. Smith, however, pointed the directors to the very necessary knowledge that the club was not strong enough, and they had just missed a severe blow last season; he hoped and believed the club would strengthened the weak places.

The chairman, Mr. Thomas Crompton, had already told them that they would not rest till they had made the team sufficiently strong in all departments, but he reminded them of the difficulties of present day football movements; one player wanted could not be obtained till his side has lost a Cup-tie. When the side was beaten up went the original price by £4,000. Which, of course, was bringing the matter to an absurd point, “It is easy,” said Mr. Crompton, “to say get this player, that player, and the other player, but the difficulties of to-day are enormous.”

One of the shareholders, by the way, was a former Everton and Liverpool goalkeeper. He kept goal for Everton one season and Liverpool the next season. I wonder how many could remember his name or frame? Answer: Alex Rennie.

The progress at Anfield in the new stands goes space, and the club will soon shelter its patrons as few other clubs do. The chairman said the club had nearly come to the end of a massive undertaking at a cost of £33,000, of which they had already paid £24,000. When complete, the Anfield ground would hold 66,650 spectators, and covered accommodation would be the biggest in the country, with special care for the shilling spectators – 43,000 people would be under cover. The completion of the stands would be due at the beginning of the coming season.

The retiring directors, Messrs. Thomas Crompton, Edward Askew Bainridge and William Robert Williams were re-elected.

The players signed for next season are: –
Goalkeepers: Elisha Scott and Arthur Riley.
Full backs: Tommy Lucas, James Jackson, Donald Mackinlay, Robert Done and Jimmy Gray.
Half-backs: Tom Morrison, Neil McBain, Tom Bromilow, Tommy Gardner (local), Albert Shears and Bill Murray.
Forwards: Dick Edmed, Gordon Hodgson, Albert Whitehurst (Rochdale), Jimmy McDougall (Partick Thistle), Fred Hopkin, Tom Scott, Bob Clark, John Lindsay (Rhyl), Harry Race, Jimmy Kelly (Coleraine), William Miller (Linfield), Tommy Reid, Tom McNeil (Rhyl).
(Source: Liverpool Echo: June 15, 1928)

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