Gordon Hodgson married

Friday, November 23 – 1928
Gordon Hodgson, Liverpool’s centre forward, was the central figure in a romance which had its culmination to-day at West Derby Registry Office, Liverpool, where he was married. His bride was Miss Doris Huckell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Huckell, of Derald Road, Brunswick Road, Liverpool. Miss Huckell’s father is a grain weigher and she was until recently an attendant at the Empire Theatre.

Hodgson had succeeded in keeping his wedding a secret, and only half a dozen friends were present. He arrived shortly before 10 o’clock in a taxicab, accompanied by Arthur Riley, the Liverpool goalkeeper, who like himself came from South Africa four years ago. They are great friends.

The bride, a fair haired, handsome girl, wore an oyster grey coat, trimmed with fur, and her close fitting hat was composed of glittering sequins. Asked where they were going to spend their honeymoon Hodgson with his arm entwined in that of his bride, laughingly replied: “I shall be spending it at Hillsborough to-morrow for I shall be playing with Liverpool against Sheffield Wednesday.”

Mrs. Hodgson said she had really only known her husband a few months, having met him at a party.

Hodgson is also a cricketer of some prominence, and last season, as a fast bowler, he assisted Lancashire, the County Champions in eight matches. It was he who made the winning hit in the sensational match at Colchester, when Lancashire, needing two runs to win, postponed their task till the next morning.
(Gloucester Citizen, 23-11-1928)

Gordon Hodgson with his wife and daughter.
Gordon Hodgson with his wife and daughter.

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