New Football Records Coming

Friday, January 11 – 1929
When the present season has finished Carlisle United may be able to look back upon the campaign with pride, for their centre-forward, McConnell, bids fair to break two existing goal records in connection with Third League football. The record goal-scoring feat for both sections of Third Division is held by Morris, of Swindon, who scored 47 goals in 41 games in 1926-7. The record for the Third Division (Northern Section) is held jointly by Whitehurst (Liverpool) and Cookson (West Bromwich Albion). The latter, when with Chesterfield, scored 44 goals 38 games in 1925-6, and Whitehurst equalled his performance in 42 games when with Rochdale in 1926-7. Up to date McConnell has scored 31 goals 25 matches, so with 17 games still to play, has a splendid opportunity.

100 Goals in 98 Games.
Morris, of Swindon, already referred to, a London born centre-forward, who, although maintaining an average of goal per match for two seasons and half, has not even been selected for international trial. During the period England have been persistently bothered by centre-forward problem.
Against Queen’s Park Rangers at Christmastide Morris made his total in goals for Swindon to 100 goals from 98 games, thus:  Goals Games

1926-7, 47, 41.
1927-8, 38, 37.
1928-9, 15, 20.
Totals 100, 98.

A comparison with Dean is interesting. During the same period the Everton forward has obtained 104 goals 86 League matches. Throughout his career his average is just over & goal match, viz., 165 from 158 League contests.
(Nottingham Evening Post, 11-01-1929)

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