Liverpool invaded for the FA Cup semi-final at Anfield

Saturday, March 23 – 1929
Liverpool was to-day invaded by 20,000 football “fans” to witness the great battle in the Semi-final of the Cup between Bolton Wanderers and Huddersfield, on the Anfield Ground. More than 8,000 cotton operatives arrived from Bolton by train, and many hundred came in motor coaches. Altogether there were nine train loads from Bolton, including five specials.

Seven trains full of enthusiasts came from Huddersfield, and during the morning the principal streets presented curious contrasts in sporting people. Prosperous looking bookmakers and smartly dressed racegoers rubbed shoulders with football “fans,” most of whom wore caps and were gaily decorated with the colours of their clubs. Many of the young men were accompanied by mill girls wearing rosettes and other favours, and carrying black cats and other mascots. The day was gloriously fine.
(Nottingham Evening Post, 23-03-1929)

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