International football – football boots rules

Wednesday, June 12 – 1929
A project which will serve as a basis to discuss a future agreement for the FA, Scottish FA, and Welsh FA to re-join the International Football Federation was submitted to the meeting of the IFA at the meeting in Paris at the week-end by the delegates of the FA. The proposition was well received by the other nations’ delegates.

Private conversations are to be held during the coming few weeks, and later a definite motion will be submitted to the IFA, by which the British FA’s will re-join the international body.

Two changes in the rules concerning the boots of players and taking the penalty were proposed by the British delegates and carried. All players must now stand at 10 yards distance from the spot from where player is taking a penalty kick. All players must wear proper football boots. Any player not wearing proper boots and send off the field by the referee for any contravention of this rule may return to the field of play after he has presented a new his boots for inspections by the referee and after the latter has approved of them.
(Burnley Express, 12-06-1929)

football boots


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