David Pratt new player-manager for Yeovil and Petters United

June 28, 1929
Yeovil and Petters United have signed David Pratt, who for the past two season has been regular playing member of the Bury English League 1st XI as their new player-manager, on a two-years’ agreement.

He is a player who has had a deal of first-class football experience, having in the course of his career assisted Bradford City, Glasgow Celtic, Liverpool, and his late club Bury. During the period he has been a regular first team man.

He comes with excellent recommendations, and was on the latter Club’s open to transfer list at a fee of £600. It is understood that he was sought after by other clubs, one in particular being the Heart of Midlothian Scottish League Club.

Born at Lochore, Fifeshire, Scotland, his age is 31. His height is 5ft. 11ins., and weighs 12st. 11lbs. He can play in either the half-back positions – centre half for preference.

He takes over his duties with his new Club immediately, and will commence building up the team to represent Yeovil and Petters United FC at once. The Directors of the Yeovil and Petters United consider themselves very fortunate in securing the services of this experienced player.
(Western Gazette: June 28, 1929)

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