50,000 expected for Anfield derby

September 7, 1929
Anfield probably will be the Mecca of 50,000 football enthusiasts today, when the great clash between Liverpool and Everton will be staged.

It is always difficult to form an opinion of the possible result of a Derby game, and one is always liable to make enemies with a forecast not favourable to a particularly crowd’s team.

However, I am going to take the risk and plump for Liverpool, whole great second half display against Huddersfield Town augurs well for the future. The forwards were having their first run of the season in the new positions, and as up result it took them some time to settle down, when they had done so they produced brilliant form, and it will take a great defence to hold them today if they adopt the same open methods.

Everton of course, are unbeaten, but they are also awaiting their first victory. It is possible that it will come today, but in selecting Liverpool I am expecting Davidson and Jackson to hold the great Dean, in which case the Liverpool vanguard may be unbalanced.

Anfielder’s advantage
A lot will depend on the two defenders, and while there is little or nothing between the full backs I thank Liverpool, have the stronger middle line, and it is in their department that the issue may rest.

Everton have a strong set of forwards, but their finishing (Dean excepted) are not as quite as good as that of the Anfielders. One thing is certain, we are going to see a great match played by two sporting teams, who will not sacrifice skill for kick and rush methods. Whatever will be the outcome I think we shall see a close game and may the luck be equally divided and the spoils go to the better side.

The kick-off is at 3-15 and the teams will line up as follows: –
Liverpool; Riley; Jackson, Done; Morrison, Davidson, McDougall; Edmed, Clark, Hodgson, Race, Hopkin.
Everton; Davies; Cresswell, O’Donnell; Kelly, White, Hart; Ritchie, Dunn, Dean, Martin, Stein.
(Daily Courier: September 7, 1929)

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