Everton Reserves v Liverpool Reserves 2-2 (League match: September 7, 1929)

September 7, 1929
Match: Central League, at Goodison Park.
Everton Reserves – Liverpool Reserves 2-2 (0-1).
Referee: Mr. G. Adams (Accrington).
Everton (2-3-5): Ted Sagar; Ted Common, William O’Donnell; Tom Robson, Andy Kennedy, Walter Rooney; Ted Critchley, Bill Easton, Monty Wilkinson, Tony Weldon, Collins.
Liverpool (2-3-5): Elisha Scott; Thomas Lucas, Jimmy Gray; Tommy Gardner, Albert Shears, Tom Bromilow; John Lindsay, Wililam Miller, Allan Scott, John Wicklow, John Quinn.
The goals: 0-1 Quinn, 1-1 Wilkinson, 2-1 Robson, 2-2 A. Scott.

A keen game at Goodison Park resulted in a draw of two goals each. Liverpool have Lucas to thank for offering a risk to limb, a last Everton raid. Both teams played their best when facing the sun.

First it was Liverpool, whose nicely constructed, direct movements made them the more dangerous in the initial half. Scott (A.) distributed the play well, and Lindsay and Quinn were wingers who often sped by Everton’s flank, but fortunately for Everton O’Donnell, Common and Sagar were safe.

Lindsay was the initiator of the movements that led to Quinn opening the score for Liverpool.

Everton had the first half chances but finished poorly.

The second half provided a complete reversal of form, when Everton attacked strongly and while Gardner was over the line recovering from a knock Wilkinson equalised.

Robson, at half-back was particularly successful and scored a great goal, but Scott (A.) headed the equaliser.

The second portion showed a vastly improved Everton. Kennedy, Rooney, Robson, Wilkinson, and Collins, were prominent with the defence retaining a first half steadiness.

For Liverpool, Lindsay was a great raider; Quinn and Wicklow showed good ideals. Gardner was convincing; Bromilow and Shears steady. Lucas was wherever the battle was most stern, ably supported by Gray, with Scott behind as safe as ever.
(Source: Liverpool Daily Courier: September 9, 1929)

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