The funeral of Richard Birtwistle

December 19, 1929
The funeral of Mr. Richard Birtwistle, of Lytham, a founder of the Blackburn Rovers F.C., a player, referee, club chairman, and county legislator, took place in the family vault at the Blackburn Cemetery at noon to-day.

In the unavoidable absence of Mr. C.E. Sutcliffe (president) and Mr. R. Watson (Mayor of Accrington), the Lancashire Football Association was represented by Mr. T.P. Campbell and Mr. F. Hargreaves (secretary), while the Rovers F.C. directors present were Mr. J.W. Walsh (chairman), Mr. J. Eddleston (vice chairman and a son-in-law of Mr. Birtwistle), Mr. J.H. Chadburn, Mr. J. Cotton, Mr. Bob Crompton, Mr. W. Dawson, Mr. W.H. Grimshaw, J.P., Mr. P. Forbes, and Mr. W. Tempest, together with Mr. A. Barritt (secretary).

Mr. H.H. Birtwistle (son), Mr. T. Holden and Mr. M. Halliwell (three ex-directors of the club), and Mr. William McOwen and Mr. J. Cameron (two old players) also attended).

Other present included: Mr. Tom Charnley (secretary of the Football League), Mr. Walter Duckworth, of Blackpool (the oldest surviving member of the Rovers F.C.), Mr. C. Hodson (chief constable of Blackburn), Mr. J. Meadowcroft, J.P., and Mr. H.A. Smittson (representing the Union Club, Blackburn), Mr. R. Eastwood, and Mr. G. Gill (Subscription Bowling Green, Blackburn), Mr. J. Isherwood (Blackburn Cycling and Athletic Club), Mr. R.M. Oddie (John Oddie and Sons), Mr. J.W. Bothman (Waterworth, Rudd, and Hare, accountants), Mr. J.W. Hallows (John Taylor & Co, solicitors), Mr. E. Barnes and Mr. T. Berry (Messrs. Birtwistle and Oddie, Prospect Mill), and Councillor R. Culshaw.

The private mourners were: – Mrs. Birtwistle (Lytham), Mr. John Eddleston, J.P., and Mrs. Eddleston (Blackburn), Mr. and Mrs. H.H. Birtwistle (Blackburn), Mrs. A.M. Oddie (Lytham), Mr. and Mrs. J. Jubberstey (Blackburn), Dr. and Mrs. Fox (Blackburn), Mr. and Mrs. W. Birtwistle (Blackburn), Mr. R.B. Eddleston (Blackburn), Mr. R.J. Oddie (Lytham), Mr. W. Birtwistle, J.P. (Preston), Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Birtwistle (Wilpshire), Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Riley (Worston), Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Birtwistle (Blackburn), Mr. and Mrs. John Haworth (Blackburn), Colonel Arthur Birtwistle (Blackburn), Mr. and Mrs. Frank Haydock (Chatburn), Mr. and Mrs. H. Wrigley (Whitefield), Mr. John Duckworth (Wilpshire), Miss Bolton (Blackpool), Nurse Burgess (Blackpool), and Mr. F. Hoyle (Bolton).

The Rev. J.P. Wilson, late of James-street Congregational Church, Blackburn, conducted the funeral service in the Cemetery Chapel and performed the last rites at the graveside.
(Lancashire Evening Post: December 19, 1929)

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