Derby preperations at Goodison Park

December 31, 1929
Everton’s poor form at present is giving Anfielders hope that the 3-0 defeat sustained on September 7th last at Anfield will be wiped out in the second great clash of the teams at Goodison Park on Saturday. But Everton, in travail, cry, like poor “Punchinello” Laughs, for the pain that is eating their hearts.

The weakness that cost Liverpool the September match –forward deficiency –has now been practically wiped out, but, curiously enough, Everton then revealed a fault to which their present sad plight is ascribed, that is, the inadequacy of Hunter Hart, who is not likely to take part in Saturday’s game.

Everton were indebted to the subtlety of Dean mainly for the victory in the first game between the rivals this season, he scored two fine goals, Martin adding the other.

It will be of interest to give the teams in that match; – they were; –
Liverpool; Riley; Jackson, Done; Morrison, Davidson, McDougall; Edmed, Clark, Hodgson, Race, Hopkin.
Everton; – Davies; Cresswell, O’Donnell; Kelly, White Hart; Ritchie, Dunn, Dean, Martin, Stein.

It must be mentioned that Liverpool were without Clark for all the second half owing to injury. The same referee as in the first match (Mr. A.J. Caseley) (Wolverhampton) will officiate next Saturday.

The corresponding game to next Saturday’s last season was won by Everton 1-0, by the way, the whole of the reserved seating accommodation for the game has been sold. There are, however, 12,000 unreserved seats, pay at the turnstiles.
(Liverpool Courier: December 31, 1929)

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