Liverpool v Aston Villa 2-0 (League match: March 22, 1930)

March 22, 1930
Key note: “Liverpool were in their most resplendent mood in the game with the Villa, and few will deny that their success was well and justly earned. Riley was the hero. All shots came alike to him, and rarely has he been so completely successful. Often has he made wonderful saves, but it seemed as though nothing could disturb his complacent mood on Saturday. He did his work in usual cool, calm, and almost non-chalant way, as though it was an every-day occurrence, as indeed it was, for this stalwart defender of the Liverpool goal. Gunson scored on his first home appearance, and his general display made a remarkably good impression. He did not get the ball into the goal for corner kicks with the accuracy of Hopkin, but he responded well to Macpherson’s openings, and was sufficiently alert and speedy to hold his own well against a defence of the quality of the Villa, which is sufficient to lead one to expect much for this local youth. Liverpool won because they were the more definite and purposeful, and few sides would have stood a chance against Liverpool on Saturday’s form.” (Liverpool Echo: March 22, 1930)

Match: Football League, First Division, at Anfield, kick-off: 15:15.
Liverpool – Aston Villa 2-0 (1-0).
Attendance: 35,000.
Referee: Mr. A.J. Weaver.
Liverpool (2-3-5): Arthur Riley, James Jackson, Tommy Lucas, Tom Morrison, Tom Bradshaw, Jimmy McDougall, Harold Barton, Gordon Hodgson, Jimmy Smith, Archie Macpherson, Gordon Gunson.
Aston Villa (2-3-5): Thomas Biddlestone, Teddy Bowen, Tommy Mort, James Gibson, Alec Talbot, Joe Tate, Jack Mandley, Joe Beresford, Tom Waring, George Brown, Eric Houghton.
The goals: 1-0 Gunson (33 min.), 2-0 Smith (67 min., assist: Hodgson).

Liverpool Echo: March 24, 1930.

Liverpool Echo: March 22, 1930.


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