Liverpool F.C. balance sheet 1929-30

May 16, 1930
Liverpool F.C.’s profit

Over £8,000 on season’s working
Liverpool F.C. made a profit of £8,495 17s. 8d. last season. Adding to this the balance brought forward from the previous year (£38,629 3s. 9d.), less dividend of 7½ per cent. paid June 3, 1929 (£900), a total credit balance is left of £46,225 1s. 5d.

After making provision of £1,000 for depreciation and £8,000 reduction of premiums, a balance is left of £37,225 1s. 5d., out of which the directors recommend a payment of a dividend at the rate of 7½ per cent., absorbing £900, leaving £36,325 1s. 5d. to carry forward.

The directors retiring by rotation are Messrs. Albert Edward Berry, Walter Henry Cartwright and William Harvey Webb, who being eligible, offer themselves for re-election. The auditors, Messrs. Simon Jude, and West, also retire, and are eligible for re-election.

Gate receipts.
Gate receipts for League and Central League matches amounted to £39,775 12s. 3d., while the proceeds from FA Cup ties amounted to £3,503 14s.

Players’ wages and bonuses cost £11,315 2s. 11d., while players’ benefits amounted to £931, and travelling expenses, cup training, &c., to £3,325 17s. 1d.

The annual meeting will be held at the Law Association Rooms, Cook Street, on Friday next at 7.30.

(Source: Liverpool Echo: May 16, 1930)

Big profits were made by boss football last season. Liverpool F.C. made a profit of £8,495 last year, which increases their assets to £46,225.

Of this sum provision has been made for depreciation of £1,000, and for reduction of premiums account of £8,000, leaving a balance of £37,225.

Last season’s gate receipts from League matches amounted to £39,725, players’ wages and bonuses amounted to £11,315, and players benefits to £931. The total expenditure was £34,144.
(Source: Daily Worker: May 20, 1930)


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