William Scott the guest of Broadway United

June 21, 1930
Among those present at the annual prize giving of Broadway United Football Club in Thompson’s Restaurant, Donegall Place, on Saturday, was Mr. William Scott, the famous old Irish International footballer, who was introduced by Mr. J.K.Rankin as “Ireland’s premier goalkeeper,” and was cordially received.

Mr. Scott played for Linfield before he left for England 26 years ago, afterwards representing other clubs, including Everton, Leeds and Liverpool.

“I played football in good times here,” he smilingly told a “Northern Whig” representative. “It was nothing to get chased off the field.”

Mr. R. Smyth (chairman of the Club) presided in the absence of Councillor D. Shane (president).

A short history of the club was given by Mr. T.R. Hamilton, who said they would not be satisfied until they were in senior football.

Gold medals, which were handed over by the Chairman, were presented as follows:
Steel & Sons’ Cup (winners) – Messrs. Wallace, Neill, Whittley, Barnett, Quail, Lunn, Bingham, Lynn, Foye, Kimlin, McCaw and J.K. Rankin (hon. secretary).

Clements Lyttle Cup (runners’-up) – Messrs. Wallace, Fulton, Neill, Quail, Whittley, Lunn, Kerr, Kimlin, Blair, Kenny, Bingham, and Rankin.

Best amateurs – Messrs. W. Neill (presented by the president), R. Falloon, R. Lunn and C. Foye (presented by Messrs. H.P. Bennett, W.N. Hayes, and McConnell, vice presidents). Foye received his medal for the goal-scoring record.

Gold watchers were presented to Mr. John Nutt, who has been connected with the club for over 20 years, and Mr. J. Robinson (hon. treasurer). Presentations were also made to the trainer and assistant trainer, Messrs. Billy Barton and Balfour Ross.

A musical programme was contributed by Messrs. J.B. Strain, J. Crompton, Norman McGaw, John Wicklow, John Quail, R. McCarthy, John Nutt, A.G. Meck, sen. and the Chairman.

J. Quail, Broadway’s junior international player, has been re-signed for the Club for next season.
(Source: Northern Whig: June 23, 1930)


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