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Born: 1878.
Passed away: March 23, 1931: Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Position: Left half.


Glentoran: 1895.
** Retired after the 1907-08 season.

Ireland A 3-0: (v. England: February 20, 1897; v. Wales: March 6, 1897; v. Scotland: March 27, 1897).
Irish League XI: 4-0.
Irish League Champion: 1896-97 (Glentoran), 1904-05 (Glentoran).
City Cup Winner: 1896-97 (Glentoran).
County Antrim Shield Winner: 1900-01 (Glentoran), 1901-02 (Glentoran).
Belfast Charity Cup Winner: 1901-02 (Glentoran).

Sporting Life: March 29, 1897.


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