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“Britain’s best and brightest back has established a record in the place, having played now eight consecutive Internationals. He originally hailed from the gilded youth of Pollokshields Athletic F.C, but he is a doer not a dude. Like all promising youths, he graduated to the Queens Park, where he has risen to eminence. The Queens have had two right backs, Joseph Taylor and Alter Arnott. The feature of his play is its artistic resourcefulness. A distinct speciality unique in the game occurs when he turns on his heel on the run, and returns the ball. He literally hops on it, and spin it goes from his foot like a teetotum. He likes to kick, and sometimes waits to bring off a big thing. He waits rather than rushes, and keeps a careful watch on the ball. Given a yard of freedom, it is domino with a opposing forward. He has been beaten, however, and when this happens everybody knows it for he twitches nervously the corners of a budding moustache, rools up his sleeves, pulls up his socks, and is ready for the next round. These little peculiarities add a spice of conceit to his play, which lead people to say he fancies himself. Still, he is plain and painstaking to please; familiar, but not vulgar; known to the madding crowd as ‘Watty,’ but otherwise Walter. This will probably be the last time he will serve his country, for he has left for Ireland, there to begin business on his own account, and make the bhoys merry over ‘Enniscorthy,’ his favourite hum.”
(Source: Glasgow Evening Post: April 6, 1891)

Born: May 12, 1861: Pollokshields (Glasgow), Scotland.
Passed away: May 18, 1931: Clarkston (East Renfrewshire), Scotland.

Position: Right back.


Queens Park: Signed: May, 1882.
Matilda F.C.
Pollokshields Athletic.
Queens Park: 1883.
Kilmarnock Athletic: October, 1884.
Queens Park: 1886.
Queens Park: 1889.
Ballina (Linfield).
Linfield: 1890.
Third Lanark: Signed: October 22, 1892.
St. Bernards. 1893.
Newcastle West End: 1894.
Notts County: 1894.

Scotland A 14-0: (v. Wales: March 12, 1883; v. Ireland: January 26, 1884; v. England: March 15, 1884; v. England: March 21, 1885; v. Wales: March 23, 1885; v. England: March 27, 1886; v. England: March 19, 1887; v. Wales: March 21, 1887; v. England: March 17, 1888; v. England: April 13, 1889; v. England: April 5, 1890; v. England: April 6, 1891; v. England: April 2, 1892; v. England: April 1, 1893).
Scotland A Trial 13-0: (March 3, 1883; March 8, 1884; March 7, 1885; March 13, 1886; March 5, 1887; February 18, 1888; February 16, 1889; March 2, 1889; March 8, 1890; March 7, 1891; v. Corinthians: March 21, 1891; v. Canada: October 3, 1891; March 3, 1894).
Glasgow Select XI 15-0: (v. Sheffield: February 11, 1882; v. Sheffield: February 17, 1883; v. London: December 15, 1883; v. Sheffield: February 16, 1884; v. London: December 20, 1884; v. Sheffield: February 14, 1885; v. Edinburgh: April 11, 1885; v. Edinburgh: February 27, 1886; v London: November 27, 1886; v Sheffield: February 5, 1887; v. Edinburgh: February 25, 1888; v. London: March 3, 1888; v. Edinburgh: February 23, 1889; v. Sheffield: January 11, 1890; v. Edinburgh: November 15, 1890).
Scottish FA Cup Winner: 1885-86 (Queens Park); 1889-90 (Queens Park).



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