Liverpool F.C.’s new director

June 5 , 1931
Mr. Stanley Ronald Williams has been elected to the board of directors of the Liverpool Football Club. The result of the poll was declared yesterday as follows: –
Mr. Stanley Ronald Williams, 5,669;
Mr. Thomas Crompton, 4,929;
Mr. William McConnell, 4,203;
Mr. Edward Askew Bainbridge, 3,562.

Messrs. Crompton, McConnell, and Bainbridge were the retiring directors, and the first three are elected.

The poll took place following a demand at the annual meeting of the club.

Mr. Williams is the son of the former chairman of the board, the late Mr. William Robert Williams.
(Source: Lancashire Evening Post: June 6, 1931)


The pool that was demanded at the annual meeting of the Liverpool club a fortnight ago has led to a surprise.

Mr. S.R. Williams, who was nominated by Mr. John McKenna, the president of the League, for one of the three vacancies on the board of directors, headed the pool with 5,669 votes, the chairman, Mr. Thomas Crompton, coming second with 4,929 – and Mr. W. McConnell third with 4,203. Mr Edward Askew Bainbridge, with 3,562 votes thus losing his seat.

Mr. Williams, the new director, is a son of a former chairman of the club. Mr. Bainbridge was a director of Everton for seventeen season, and occupied the chair in 1908-9. He was elected to a seat on the Liverpool directorate in 1913, and his defeat came as a big surprise.
(Source: Athletic News: June 8, 1931)



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