Liverpool footballers step it up

August 4, 1931
Anfield was alive this morning. 10.16 the roll-call was sounded, and all reported “Present, Sir!” All except the bedridden goalkeeper Andrew Aitken.

The new players were introduced by the chairman of the club, Mr. Thomas Crompton, and the secretary Mr. George Patterson, and the new captain, Tom Bradshaw, with his deputy Jimmy McDougall, soon got among the new lads. Then the order was given for the “Away, lads!” Anfield meant business, and Trainer Charlie Wilson at once ordered the first “gallop” of the season. It was a sharp walk-out Queen’s Drive way.

It will be news that Ephraim Longworth has become second team trainer; and Joe Hewitt is to be in charge of the “A” team. Liverpool has always been singularly fortunate in its old players’ staff engagements.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: August 4, 1931)

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