Liverpool Reds v Liverpool Whites 8-3 (Trial match: August 17, 1931)

August 17, 1931
Match: Pre-season trial, at Anfield, kick-off: 18:45.
Liverpool Reds – Liverpool Whites 8-3.
Referee: Mr. George Stephenson.
Reds (2-3-5): Elisha Scott, Robert Done, James Jackson, Tom Morrison, Tom Bradshaw, Jimmy McDougall, Harold Barton, Gordon Hodgson, Dave Wright, Archie Macpherson, Gordon Gunson.
Whites (2-3-5): Henry Horsfall, Willie Steel, John Charlton. Ted Savage, Norman James, Alastair Henderson, Daniel McRorie, Ted Hancock, Jimmy Smith, Harry Barkas, Alf Hanson.
The goals: Reds; Hodgson (4); Barton (2); Wright; Macpherson; Whites: Smith (2); Hanson.


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