Nel Tarleton v Johnny Cuthbert re-matched at Anfield

August 31, 1931
For Belt and Title
First bout on Liverpool F.C. ground
Nel Tarleton, of Liverpool and Johnny Cuthbert, of Sheffield, are to fight again for the Lonsdale Belt and Featherweight Championship. For the first time in the history of Liverpool sport, the fight will take place at the Liverpool Football Ground, Anfield.

The date is fixed for Thursday, October 1.

Nel Tarleton is most delighted that the match for the Lonsdale Belt has been fixed for the city. He said: –
“Hang the purse; let’s get on with the fight.”

Tarleton’s last fight with Cuthbert was at the Stadium, when the decision was a draw. Since, many efforts have been made to accommodate Tarleton with his second effort against the holder of the Lonsdale Belt.

Cuthbert and Tarleton.

These came to a culminating point to-day when Mr. Johnny Best, the local boxing promoter, and the writer had a conference with Messrs. Walter Henry Cartwright and William Harvey Webb and Manager George Patterson regarding the possibility of an open-air fight at Anfield.

Weeks ago the fight was fixed for Sheffield, but it fell through owing to a variety of causes and managerial interruptions. Now, I am happy to say, the match is definitely fixed for October 1, a Thursday, and the whole of the grand stand and the paddock in front of it will be available.

This means accommodation for about 12,000 people – three times the number that attended the last meeting of the boxers.

The Liverpool Football club were chiefly concerned with possible damage to their ground but arrangements have been made to overcome all difficulties, and the boxing ring (the actual Stadium ring) will be placed alongside the paddock and immediately in front of the directors’ box.

Enormous interest
Already there has been enormous interest created in the city over this prospective fight – a fight that threatened to end in smoke.

Cuthbert has already made a Lonsdale Belt his own property. Now he gets out to hold a new belt, and it is understood that Lord Lonsdale will be present (with Lord Tweedmouth and others) to present to the winner the famous belt.

The fight will take place about nine o’clock, and therefore will be a contest in arc light.

Already the arrangements for this control and lighting apparatus have been pushed forward.

Managerial view
Mr. Best in an interview said: “I am grateful to you and to the Liverpool Football Club This match should never have been in doubt, yet it looked like falling through. It will be one of the greatest fights in the history of boxing, and in its new surroundings at the Anfield ground will be a unique contest.

“It may be that we are beginning a new boxing feature – open air contests at Anfield. That remains to be seen.”

The Liverpool Football Club to-day received a cheque in contract with Mr. Best for use of the ground.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: August 31, 1931)

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