The manager who turns out himself

March 4, 1932
Burnley’s manager, Mr. Tom Bromilow, during the four months he has been at the helm at Turf Moor, has had a big share in promoting an entirely new spirit. Nowadays, the directors leave the team selections to him, and, in addition, are doing their utmost to aid him with team-building plans.

Besides his management duties, to which the ex-Liverpool player has brought abundant patience, tact, and excellent judgment, he occasionally takes part in private practice matches. He is a firm believer in practice and more practice with the ball, and co-operates with the club’s long-serving trainer, Bates, in helping the players to study tactics and positional play.

New methods have been devised by Mr. Bromilow, all calculated to impart design into his side’s movement. To him a player’s anticipation means much. Incidentally, he has sought and obtained the full confidence of the playing staff, which has a big element of youth nowadays.

Hence it is no surprise that Burnley have regained an excellent team spirit at a critical time. They are ready to make a big effort to safeguard their position in the League.
(Source: Lancashire Evening Post: March 4, 1933)

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