Everton “A” v Liverpool “A” 3-0 (League match: October 1, 1932)

October 1, 1932
Match: County Combination, at Perrie Park.
Everton “A” – Liverpool “A” 3-0 (0-0).
Everton (2-3-5): Holdrcroft;  Jackson, Jones; Sydney Chedgzoy, White, Lythgoe; Tolley, Birtley, Davies, Fryer, Leyfield.
Liverpool (2-3-5): Robert Scott; Hallam, Charles Kneale; Hannby, Smith, Roberts; Gandy, Cropper, McCracken, Fred Rogers, Alf Hanson.
The goals: 1-0 Chedzoy (46 min.), 2-0 Birtley, 3-0 Fryer (89 min.).

At Pirrie Park. Liverpool lost their first match. The opening half was well contested, and although both sides made many attacks the defence held the upper hand, and both goals terminated intact up to the interval. Everton however took the lead within one minute of the restart Chedgzoy netting. Liverpool fought hard for the equalising and Holdcroft was taken by Hanson and McCracken. Birtley later added a second goal, the ball going through off a defender, and in the last minute Fryer registered the third goal for Everton. The outstanding players were Holdcroft, Jackson, Birtley, Leyfield, for Everton, and Scott, Kneale, Roberts, and Hanson for Liverpool.
(Liverpool Post and Mercury: October 3, 1932)

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