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– ‘Paddy’ Gordon was a great forward and contemporary with (Joey) Murray. While of the greyhound type in appearance, he was possessed of surprising physical stamina, and he, too only failed to get national honours because a permanent opening in the first men seldom came his way.
(Liverpool Daily Post and Mercury: February 7, 1925)

Born: February 19, 1870: Bonhill (Dunbartonshire), Scotland.
Passed away: 1933: Liverpool (Lancashire), England.
** In the 1901 Census he is living at 306, Netherfield, North, in Everton with his wife, son and daughter. He is 36 years old, and born in Renton, so around 1865. His wife Caroline is 26 years old, the son John is 8 and daughter Wilhelmina is 7 years old.

Nickname: ‘Paddy’.

Position: Outside right.

Height: 176 cm. (5ft. 9 ½in.);
Weight: 71 kilos (11st. 3lb.).
** Source for height and weight: Athletic News: February 26, 1894.

Everton: September, 1891.
Liverpool: Signed: June 30, 1893.
** registered with the Football League: July 1, 1893;
** eligible for Liverpool in official matches: September 1, 1893.
Blackburn Rovers: 1894.
** Contract cancelled: April 6, 1895.
Liverpool South End.
* re-signed: August 17, 1895.
Wigan County.

Football League Winner: 1890-91 (Everton).
Football League Second Division Winner: 1893-94: Liverpool.
Liverpool Cup Winner: 1891-92 (Everton).

The Million Magazine: May 6, 1893.
patrick gordon

Sporting Life: March 25, 1893.

Sketch from 1893 in regards to Everton playing the FA Cup final.
Patrick Gordon EFC Cup final 1893

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