Burnley sign Schoolboy International from Liverpool

Thursday, May 11 – 1933
On Thursday Burnley signed Robert Alexander Scott, a young goalkeeper who has been playing for the Liverpool club during the past 18 months. Scott, who comes with a free transfer, has not had the opportunity of making progress at the Merseyside club owing to the consistency of Elisha Scott and Arthur Riley.

A native of Liverpool, Scott is only 19 years of age. He is 6ft. 3in in height, and weighs about 13 stone. In his schooldays he played centre-half and took up goalkeeping when playing for the city schoolboys’ team. So well did he acquit himself in his new position that he kept goal for the English schoolboys against Wales at Bristol. He was then 13 years of age. As a schoolboy he also played for Lancashire v Yorkshire and v. Nottingham.

On leaving school Scott played one season with Carlton in the Bootle district, and afterwards went to Oakmere in the Zingari League. With Liverpool he has played most in the “A” team in the Liverpool County Combination. Last season he made about nine appearances in Liverpool’s Central League team, and played against Burnley Reserves at Liverpool.

Scott, who is a shipping clerk, also plays baseball for Oakmere, and appeared in an International match in that game for England against Wales at Cardiff. Louis Page, the former Burnley player, being the captain of the English side on that occasion.
(Burnley Express, 13-05-1933)

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