Fulham v Liverpool 2-3 (FA Cup: January 17, 1934)

January 17, 1934
Match: FA Cup, Third Round, replay, at Craven Cottage.
Fulham – Liverpool 2-3 (1-0), after extra time.
Attendance: 28,319.
Referee: Mr. E. Pinkston.
Fulham (2-3-5): Alfred Tootill, Jimmy Birch, James Hindson, Len Oliver, Sonny Gibbons, Albert Barrett, Jack Finch, Albert Wood, Jack Lambert, Jim Hammond, Johnny Arnold.
Liverpool (2-3-5): Elisha Scott; Willie Steel, Robert Done; Tom Morrison, Tom Bradshaw (C), Jimmy McDougall; Berry Nieuwenhuys, Harold Taylor, Dave Wright, Syd Roberts, Alf Hanson.
The goals: 1-0 Hammond (26 min.), 2-0 Arnold (51 min.), 2-1 Hanson (60 min.), 2-2 Bradshaw (89 min.), 2-3 Roberts (118 min.).

Fulham played great football for an hour in their replay with Liverpool, but a grand goal by Bradshaw on the stroke of time necessitated an extra half-hour. Two minutes from the end of this period Roberts scored the winning goal for Liverpool.

I think the superior stamina of the First Division players decided the tie, but Fulham made a glorious exit. Their defeat can be traced to a tragic blunder by the backs at a time when everything seemed plains sailing for Fulham. Done, the Liverpool back, drove the ball from his own half into the Fulham goalmouth, and between Birch and Hindson, either of whom could have kicked clear. But while they left it to Toothill, Hanson slipped in. He scored without trouble.

Fulham’s decline began from that moment. Gibbons, who had been the man of the match, started to miskick in alarming fashion. But Tootill, who had an easy time in goal, proved his worth with a series of excellent saves, and a desperate quarter of an hour for Fulham passed safely.

A gilt-edged chance went to Hammond (who was doing nearly all the shooting for Fulham) in the last five minutes, but he fired wide, and from the goal kick the Liverpool left wing raided. Birch stopped Hanson’s final shot, but the ball twisted back to Bradshaw, about 35 yards out. The Liverpool captain measured his kick perfectly, and Fulham’s winning lead had disappeared.

The extra half-hour saw Liverpool at their best, but Fulham were not beaten until Wright breasted the ball back to Roberts and shielded an opponent so that the inside left should have a clear shot. Apart from Wright, Liverpool’s inside forwards were weak, an Nieuwenhuys did next to nothing on the right wing. The winners’ strength lay in the half-back trio, who lasted the two hours wonderfully well.

Barrett played one of his best games for Fulham until the half-back line sagged in the middle. Then he had to pay more attention to defence, and the home forwards suffered. Lambert’s tremendous zeal and the swift transfers of Hammond and Wood gave the Fulham wingers plenty of opportunities, but Arnold waited too long.

The Fulham goals came from Finch’s wing: Hammond, in 26 minutes, and Arnold, 6 minutes after the interval. Both scored from short range.
(Daily Mail, 18-01-1934)

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