The death of Thomas Crompton

January 28, 1934
A football friend
Liverpool F.C. can never forget the chairmen who held reign. One’s mind casts back to the period when Messrs. Arthur Berry, William Robert Williams, John Asbury and Richard Lawson Martindale were in control, and then one pictures a frame of about six feet in height, roseate complexion, and silver hair – that will be a lasting memory of a fine fellow who passed to his rest yesterday morning.

Thomas Crompton.

Mr. Thomas Crompton
, of the Half-Way-House, Wavertree, was a director of the Liverpool Football Club and its chairman for many years. He was a lovable character, unusually disposed when his team lost. I never heard him complain, except he would with Friend Bibby and myself rail at the way Fate dealt him a succession of cards unworthy any call.

The other side of his character was full of love, charm, personality, and, whether he went scouting or seeing an international match, players and people would say: “Do show us the latest?” He was an expert conjuror, and I shall never forget the opening phrase of his act: “Have you seen this one, boys?”

He played centre-forward for Everton thirty odd years ago; was an expert bowler and billiard player, and a tragic feature of his death is the fact that his wife was not near at hand. She is in Australia at the moment.

Thomas Crompton leaves “Mother” two boys and a girl to mourn their loss and ours.

Tom was a handsome fellow and, as he was less than 60 years of age, he was cut off in the prime of his life.

(Source: Liverpool Echo: January 29, 1934)

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