Tosh Johnson transferred to Liverpool

March 2, 1934
The Liverpool Football Club, secure the signing of Tosh Johnson of Everton, the international inside-left and he will make his debut appearance for his new club in the match against Middlesbrough at Anfield to-day,

Johnson one of the eight players who Everton are reported to be prepared to receive offers, has been one of the best inside forwards in the league football.

He was signed on by Everton in March 5, 1930, from Manchester City, for which club he once scored five goals out of six in a match at Goodison Park. He was then at centre-forward. Everton were said to have paid the city club £6,000 for Johnson, who had rendered the Goodison Club, splendid service, both at centre-forward and inside-left.

He played against Liverpool last month as leader of the attack, but his best position is at inside left, and here he should greatly strengthen the Liverpool attack.

He stands 5ft 9 and three-quarters inches, weights 10 stone. Johnson has played in nineteen league matches for Everton this season.
(Liverpool Post and Mercury: March 3, 1934)

Tosh Johnson, Everton FC and Liverpool F.C.

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