Arsenal’s action is unsporting and unheard of in the history of the game

April 11, 1934
“Arsenal’s action is unsporting and unheard of in the history of the game.”
This statement was made by Mr. George Patterson, the Liverpool F.C. manager, yesterday, regarding the attempt made by the Arsenal to hold up their League match at Liverpool on Saturday as they have three players in the England team at Wembley.
The Arsenal request has been refused by the Football League.

Mr. Patterson went on to recall the day when Liverpool lost both goalkeepers, Elisha Scott and Kenneth Campbell, to international matches – one to Scotland and the other to Ireland.
“Huddersfield in their time have lost five internationals without squealing, while Aston Villa in the old days almost sacrificed the whole team in an international cause.

“Cardiff even more so. Everyone remembers when they lost the championship through loyalty to their Association, one hundredth part of a goal beating them in the race with Huddersfield.

“The position at Liverpool must stand, because, if Manchester City and Portsmouth draw in the final tie, the game is to be replayed at Liverpool on the following Wednesday.

“That is the day appointed for Liverpool’s match with Manchester City.

“Therefore there would be the possibility of Manchester City having two cup games in four days and a League match the following day, because the next Saturday ends the season.”

The president of the F.A., Mr. John McKenna, who is not, as is generally supposed connected with the Liverpool F.C., took the counsel of the Management Committee of the League yesterday, and it was unanimously decided that Arsenal must play the game. (Source: Daily Mirror: April 11, 1934)

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