The death of Sam Speakman

April 27, 1934
The death took place last evening, after a short illness, of Mr. Sam Speakman, aged about 55, who resided at Elm Street, Huyton Quarry. Mr. Speakman will be remembered by many football enthusiasts on Merseyside as a former Liverpool player, for before the war and for a little while afterwards he played left full back for that club. He was also well known in homing circles, being a prominent and enthusiastic follower of this pastime. His brother, James Speakman, also played for Liverpool at centre forward or on the right wing.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: April 28, 1934)

Sam Speakman.


The older generation of Colne football enthusiasts will regret to hear of the death, which took place last week-end at Huyton Quarry, Liverpool, of Sam Speakman, the full-back, who was associated with the Colne club during its heyday twenty-five years ago.

He was 50 years of age.
(Burnley Express: May 5, 1934)

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