News from home

July 4, 1934
Berry Nieuwenhuys, “Nivvy”, will soon be back with us at Anfield and with him will be a new partner, for he went home for the purpose of bringing back his wife-to-be. Mr. Bernatine, of Southport, has sent me Rand paper in which “Nivvy” gives his views, thus: –

“Nivvy” arrived from the Cape in time to see Motherwell play Transvaal. He admirers the Motherwell team and some of their smart individuals, but is more critical of football now it is his living and now he knows some of the subtleties he did not know before.

Berry Nieuwenhuys.

“Motherwell are pretty to watch and very clever, but not particularly effective when you judge them by professional club standards,”
he said.

“They are too delicate in their methods and are too apt to be put right off their stroke by bustle, as they were against Transvaal on Saturday.

“That is why, despite their fine record of the last few seasons, Motherwell have always just failed to get there. Rangers always beat them – and pretty clearly – because Rangers while able to play the Motherwell pattern-weaving stuff, can also play robust football, which Motherwell cannot.”

Not poor.
Nieuwenhuys disagrees with the expressed opinion of Cochrane and Jaffer, the two Cape Town players, who returned last week after failing with Bolton Wanderers, that English club football is poor compared with Scottish.

“Just before Motherwell sailed for South Africa they played against an English club, Clapton Orient, and won only 6-4. Clapton are only a minor team, so the probabilities are that if Motherwell had met Arsenal or Tottenham they would probably have been well beaten. The fact is, Motherwell play irresistibly when they are allowed, but would be very uncomfortable among the robust and direct methods of the English First Division teams, who would not give them time for their elaborate passing movements and dallying with the ball.”

“Nivvy,” who, incidentally, is returning to Liverpool ready for next season, on the same boat as the Motherwell players, is very happy with Liverpool, where players, officials and the crowd have made much of him and made things easy for him. Arthur Riley and Gordon Hodgson, his fellow East Randers, are also completely satisfied and have settled down permanently. He describes Riley as, without doubt, the best goalkeeper in England. He kept the famous Elisha Scott out of goal last season so well was he playing, and now that Scott has definitely decided to retire, Riley will be more valuable than ever to Liverpool, and may get international honours.

Hodgson is a deadly shot with either foot, and now he is playing at centre forward instead of inside right he is more effective than ever. Lance Carr is also doing well, and has no wish to return.

“Nivvy” revealed that Alf Gray, the Benoni full-back, who went to Liverpool, is now captaining Exeter City, and is regarded as the best full back in the third division, with many first division clubs after his services, while Len Brown, who has also had a satisfactory cricket appointment made for him, scored 26 goals for Huddersfield’s reserves last season. Leslie Dewar, the Rhodesian, who went over to Liverpool, is returning owing to continued ill-health.

“It is a great experience and I’m going back,” said the Boksburg player, “but the players’ lot is a hard one, and there is little chance of even the best making much money, so any player with a good job here is silly to make the attempt.”
(Source: Liverpool Echo: July 4, 1934)

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