Liverpool F.C. report for training

July 30, 1934
Mr. Walter Henry Cartwright, the Liverpool chairman, welcomed the Anfield players and paid tribute to Tom Brandshaw’s captaincy, but explained that they felt he had a long and tiring innings, especially last season, and therefore the club were making a slight change. Ernest Blenkinsop had had “the honour” at Sheffield and for his country, and the club thought, and Bradshaw agreed, the change would be beneficial to all concerned.

Mr. George Patterson, the manager, added words of welcome to old and new players, and expressed the hope they would all keep clear of injuries and have a happy and successful innings.

Mr. Patterson told me that Syd Roberts, Norrie Alden, Sam English and others who had suffered severe injuries at the back of last season were now thoroughly restored to health.

The players started the day with road work, and later field work and sprinting will be the order.

Tom Bush, the enthusiastic Anfield player, was not present owing to a slight chill.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: July 30, 1934)

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