The big ball at Anfield

August 10, 1934
These are the team sheets:
Reds: Arthur Riley, Willie Steel, Ernest Blenkinsop, Ted Savage, Tom Bradshaw, Jimmy McDougall, Berry Nieuwenhuys, Vic Wright, Gordon Hodgson, Tosh Johnson, Alf Hanson.

Whites: Stan Kane, Ben Dabbs, Jack Tennant, Fred Rogers, Norman Low, Archie Macpherson, Harry Taylor, Norrie Alden, Sam English, Syd Roberts, Lance Carr.

The second team shows the sturdy Tennant and I incline to the belief that Syd Roberts and Carr should provide an understanding wing pair. Carr strove too hard to catch up the light of other travellers to England, but kept in one position and encouraged, Carr should show much improvement, being fully acclimatised by now. Sam English will be watched with the remembering eye; we do not readily forget his goals per game or his picture goal against Rapid; repetition of such form would make Anfield very happy.

Incidentally, Councillor Stanley Ronald Williams, the Liverpool director, son of the former chairman, having found re-election to the club, now has to consider the public at a new angle; his three years of office cease in October and he is seeking re-election. He’s a jolly “Good fellow” and I have no doubt what the verdict of the constituents will be. He has served Edge Hill Ward faithfully and well.

Anfield music:
March “Blaze Away (Holzmann); overture “Barber of Seville (Rossini); sketch “Variety Show (Rimmer); selection “Bohemian Girl” (Balfe); valse “Gold and silver (Lehar); dance music “Paddy,” “Young and Healthy,” “Play to me Gipsy,” &c.

Half-time: march “Miner’s Gala” (J.A. Greenwood).

(Source: Liverpool Echo: August 10, 1934)

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