The inquest into the death of Harold Riley

September 11, 1934
The discovery of the assistant groundsman at Liverpool Football Club, Harold Riley, aged 25, of Alroy Road, lying gassed in the trainer’s room, was described at an inquest held by the Liverpool city coroner (Mr. G.C. Mort) to-day.

Riley was found on Sunday afternoon by his two brothers, with a gas tube in his mouth.

Recording a verdict of “Suicide,” the coroner found there was no evidence to show the state of Riley’s mind.

Herbert Riley, groundsman at the club, said his son had no worries or cares excepting that for the past two years he had suffered from boils. Just before his death he had a very severe one on the forearm.

He know of no reason why his son should have taken his life unless he did it through the severe pain of the boil.

A doctor from Mill Road Infirmary said that Riley died from gas poisoning.
(Source: September 11, 1934)

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