The salt of the soccer crowd: Joseph Gilbertson

September 15, 1934
Keen-eyed and stern of purpose; you will notice this by the eyeball Moscrop has given him. His name, Mr. Joseph Gilbertson; his football knowledge wise and logical. Once upon a time he was “red” all over; Anfield was his life’s blood. Increasing years dimmed the partisan veins; to-day and for many years now he was worked out the football plan without a thought for one side, yet never losing his enthusiasm in the Anfield cause.

Joseph Gilbertson.

“Not so slack,” says Joe, when you ask him how trade is. He would love to have seen Dai Astley, of the Villa at Anfield, and believed he had warmed Astley’s heart in the Liverpool direction. His association with Manager George Patterson extends almost a life-time. May his shadow – and mine – grow less (says “Bee”), but may we never lose sense of proportion in football matters. Joe is another of those teeming thousands of loyal Anfield supporters who year for the day when they will win the Cup.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: September 15, 1934)

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