The salt of the soccer crowd: Magnus Arthurson

September 22, 1934
What’s in a name? Think of this uncommon one, borne by a man of great height, weight, and heart. A son of the sea; named Magnus. They must have known what was coming to them!

Magnus Arthurson.

Yes, Magnus Arthurson, known to all Liverpool enthusiasts. You cannot miss him; his smile remains across his broad, ruddy face; it infects you. Arthur the Magnificent, as I can honestly transform his name is a super man; a super in the Harrison Line; the whole of the South Docks knows him, and appreciates his work and sportsmanship; Anfield is his spiritual home; he just loves the Reds, but that spirit does not prevent him from seeing good in the other side. So that he is a welcome guest at the directors’ box. They put him near the Press seats – probably because they realise we are kindred souls, and near the visiting directors’ seats, probably to keep them from having their say, for Magnus has a voice of Spurgeon quality and strength. The box is the better for a sportsman such as Magnus Arthurson.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: September 22, 1934)

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