Yeovil look forward to the Liverpool clash

December 12, 1934
At one time yesterday there was a faint possibility of Yeovil and Petters United’s Cup-tie with Liverpool being transferred to the Merseyside, but plans were put in hand for increasing the accommodation at Yeovil.

There was an attendance of over 10,000 at the match against Exeter on Saturday, and 3,000 more can probably be squeezed in for the tie with Liverpool on January 12. Prices may be raised to minimise the danger to spectators through overcrowding.

Yeovil are not a bit daunted by having been drawn against a First Division team.
Mr. Stanley Johnson, president, said yesterday: “I think we will give Liverpool a run for their money. As a matter of fact, we beat them in a ‘friendly’ match at Yeovil five years ago by eight goals to four, and Liverpool had their best team out.

Advantage of the ground

Mr. George Fox, chairman, was even more optimistic of Yeovil’s prospects. “I think we will beat Liverpool on our ground,” was his considered opinion.

The peculiarities of our ground will give us an advantage. It is rather cramped, and there is a slope of six feet from end to end. There is nothing wrong with the turf though. That is in splendid condition.

The Yeovil players, like their Football League brethren, are going to have special training. They will go to Weston-super-Mare for a few days prior to the struggle with Liverpool.
(Western Morning News: December 12, 1934)

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