Hearts of Beath awaiting transfer money from Jim Harley

December 31, 1934
Hearts of Beath have yet to come to an agreement with Rosslyn Juniors in respect of the transfer of Jim Harley to Liverpool.

The facts are. Jim Harley was a Rosslyn Juniors player at the start of season 1933-34. Later in the term Rosslyn transferred Harley to Hearts of Beath, and an agreement was drawn up whereby in the event of Harley being transferred to a senior club the transfer fee was to be shared equally by Rosslyn and Hearts of Beath.

Harley was transferred to Liverpool, and Rosslyn alleged that they have yet to be paid their full share.

The Dysart club stated their case to the “Scottish,” and President Tom Crawley and Secretary Edward M. McPhee, of the SJFA, met representatives of Rosslyn Junior and Hearts of Beath in Dunfermline at the week-end.

The decision was that the clubs must come to an agreement within 14 days, failing which the SJFA will settle the business.
(Dundee Courier: December 31, 1934)

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