The salt of the soccer crowd: Bert Patterson

February 2, 1935
Meet Bert Patterson, brother of George Patterson, manager of the Liverpool Football Club. If you ‘phone an express area you will be startled to hear the duplication of George’s voice. It is so “like” that I could not believe my own ears. The quality of voice, the tone, and the uprising words startled me. It was only possible to be sure when I found Bert friendly where George (probably through Cup-it is) has been as a berg.

George will come back to Bert’s state of mind in due course. Pity the poor manager who has to suffer inquests from everyone who imagine he can run the club better than one who has been with the Anfield brigade over 21 years.

Bert Patterson.

But we are talking of Bert. It may strike you as superfluous to suggest that Bert is a loyal Red, but it is necessary because in the family is one brother who has confined to me he likes Everton’s style of play better than Liverpool’s. That is the sort of remark to create a family riot, but not in the Patterson family where football fervour reigns and everyone is entitled to his opinion.

Bert Patterson is a sound partisan; he thinks hard, says little, but is definite when making his “charge” at any argufyers! You see, he was a half back for St. Michael’s years gone by, and, therefore, he talks of what he knows – and his comment is worth consideration.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: February 2, 1935)

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