Where is Tom Morrison?

March 4, 1935
All the week-end a wife searched London for her lost footballer husband Tom Morrison, the Scottish international, who disappeared from his home at Clapham-road, Anfield, Liverpool, on February 8.

But she found no clue to lead her to him.
“I have been relying on information given to me that Tommy was living in the Euston district,” she told me last night, “but, I have searched there without success.”
Mrs. Morrison said that her husband had been seen at the Sunderland – ‘Spurs match at the ‘Spurs ground last week.

“He recently had an operation for appendicitis,” she said, “and started playing football again before he had had time to convalesce properly.
“I feel that some complication may have set in, or that he has temporary loss of memory.”
(Daily Express: March 4, 1935)

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