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“He possesses all the qualities which go together in making a first-class player. He has plenty of pluck and dash, he has height, weight, ability, and an appreciation of the requirements of the position he occupies in the team – that of centre half-back, who is practically the pivot upon which the team works. His great height – he is 6ft. 3½ins – gives him a tremendous advantage, and there are very few half-backs who can use the head so effectively. He is a splendid tackler, a good shot, and feeds his forwards in the most generous manner, and when occasion requires he can send in a shot which for rapidity and accuracy would surprise many goalkeepers.”
(West London Observer: November 1, 1901)

Born: February 7, 1871: Stamford Hill, England.
Passed away: 1935.

Position: Centre half-back.

Height: (6ft 3 ½in.);

Grove High School.
Hermitage: 1890.
Tottenham Hotspur: 1892.
Woolwich Arsenal: Signed amateur forms: November, 1893.
* 1893-94: 2-0 (Football League 2), 0-0 (FA Cup).
Tottenham Hotspur.
Clapton: 1895.
* 1895-96: 4-0 (Southern League 1).
Tottenham Hotspur: 1896.
* 1896-97: 6-1 (Southern League 1);
* 1897-98: 1-0 (Southern League 1).
London Caledonians.
Tottenham Hotspur.
Upton Park.
Millwall Athletic: 1899.
Shepherd’s Bush.
** Took over the management of the Richmond Hotel in Shepherd’s Bush Road in 1901.

Lloyd’s Weekly News: October 25, 1896.


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