Exeter City v Liverpool 1-3 (Benefit match: May 1, 1935)

May 1, 1935
Match: Benefit for Jimmy Walsh, at St. James’ Park.
Exeter City – Liverpool 1-3 (1-1).
Attendance: 5,000.
Exeter City (2-3-5):
Liverpool (2-3-5): Stan Kane, Tommy Cooper, Jack Tennant, Ted Savage, Jimmy McDougall, Ben Dabbs, Berry Nieuwenhuys, Vic Wright, Sam English, Tosh Johnson, Alf Hanson.
The Liverpool goals: 1-0 English, 2-1 English, 3-1 English.

Exeter City supporters paid gratifying tribute last night to five years’ consistent playing service when a crowd of over 5,000 watched Jimmy Gray’s benefit match with his former club, Liverpool.
Additional interest was lent to the match by the presence of two former Exeter City players – Dick Pym, the ex-Bolton and international goalkeeper, and Wilf Lowton, the Wolverhampton full back – who officiated as linesmen. Liverpool won by three goals to one.
Liverpool experienced difficulty in fielding a goalkeeper, for Kane received an injury to a finger at Torquay on Monday. They wired to the Football Association in the afternoon for permission to play Chesters, the Exeter ‘keeper, but this was refused, and Kane had to take the field.
The game was purely of an exhibition character, but this did not detract from the entertainment value, for Liverpool concentrated on close passing movements, and gave a brilliant exhibition of football artistry.
The Exonians made a praiseworthy effort to play their famous First Division opponents at their own game, and were not entirely disgraced. The City were dangerous in early spasmodic raids, but their movements lacked concentrated effort, and they were often frustrated by Cooper, who revealed all the polish and consistent expected from an international back.
Liverpool were the first to score, some scrappy goalmouth play culminating in English converting a stray shot from Hanson. Exeter were not to be denied, and ten minutes later Scott equalized after good play by Hurst.
In the second half the Liverpool forwards monopolized the play with clever inter-passing, and Nieuwenhuys and Wright, on the right-flank, combined brilliantly.
English, the Irish international and former Glasgow Ranger, completely nonplussed the Exeter centre half with his intricacies and dash, and he crowned a great evening’s work by completing a “hat trick.”
A well attended dance was afterwards held at Deller’s Cafe.
(Western Morning News: May 2, 1935)

Inside Dellers Cafe

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