Gordon Hodgson arrives in Dundee

May 2, 1935
If the bowling prowess of Forfarshire’s new professional is on a par with his physique, the faithful of Forthill can look forward joyfully to the Scottish Counties season now dawning. Gordon Hodgson, English football internationalist and English county cricketer, arrives in Dundee last night to take up duties.

Six feet one inch in height and tipping the beam at 13st. 9lb., the broad-shouldered young man who arrived at Tay Bridge Station from Liverpool looked as fit as a fiddle. He has just finished his ninth season with Liverpool F.C. He had 28 goals this season, and during his stay with Liverpool has notched over 200 goals – a great record for an inside man.

Mr. J.H. Meville, the Forfarshire bowler, and Mr. D.H.L. Stewart, the club secretary, greeted Hodgson at the station. Colonial-born and still retaining the South African accent, Hodgson, is in his prime – just turned 30. He was 20 when he came to England to make a name for himself in football. He was introduced to take part in a Church League cricket match, and this set on the road to cricket fame.

Lancashire immediately recognised his talent, and before long he was spreading English county wickets. In a Sussex match he took five for 25; on another notable occasion he bagged six Middlesex wickets for 60; and once four Worcester batsmen fell to his wiles for only 13 runs.

In recent years, however, football has claimed him exclusively, but now in Scotland he is returning to his old love in earnest. His divorce from the summer game as never been complete. All along he has been “keeping his hand in” at Old Trafford, and during the past few weeks he has had a spell of intensive practice.

I think I may claim,” said the new pro to a ‘Courier and Advertiser’ representative, “that I have not lost any speed with the ball, and the spin is, if anything, even better.
“This is my first visit to the East of Scotland. On tour with Liverpool, and while playing for the South Africans and for England at Hampden, I have been in Scotland several times, but never before on this side.
“I have heard about ‘Bro’ty,’ and I think it is going to be grand for my family. There’s a girl of five and the son and heir of fourteen months
.” The family will arrive on Monday from Liverpool with their mother.

When the South Africans come to Forthill to play Scotland’s eleven Hodgson will meet some old friends and boyhood rivals. Vincent and Cameron, two of the most colourful personalities in the Colonial tourists’ team, as boys played for a rival college in South Africa.

Hodgson will play for Forfarshire against Watsonians at Forthill to-morrow.
(Dundee Courier: May 3, 1935)

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