Football the Canary Island way

Saturday, June 1 – 1935
The Liverpool footballers who have just arrived back from a spring tour in the Canary Islands have enough comic stories to last them until their next foreign trip.
At the outset, before the first match at Tenerife could be played, stones had to be brushed from the surface of the ground and a layer of sand put down. Many players were scratched through falling, and small footballs which were used soon went out of shape, until the local shops had to be searched to find a suitable replacement.
For the last game the Tenerife team wanted the visitors to choose a referee from three of them, offering to allow the Liverpool men to draw a name out of a hat. The latter suggested putting the names of their reserve players into the hat as well, but the Canary Islanders weren’t having any.
(Evening Telegraph, 01-06-1935)

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