Sam English transferred to Queen of the South

July 30, 1935
Sam English has achieved his ambition to get back to Scotland. The officials of Liverpool and Queen of the South have settled terms after several days’ negotiation, and Sam is booked for Dumfries.

It’s a bold speculation on the part of the Palmerston people. Liverpool had the player listed at £4,000, and even allowing for a hefty “cut” the fee must rank as one of the tallest paid by a minor club.
Sam’s Irish eyes must be smiling. Since the end of last season it has been whispered he would like a change – preferably to Scotland – and a few weeks ago he went forward to the officials at Anfield and mentioned his desire definitely.

Came Queen of the South into the buyers’ ring. Queen’s sought to solve their centre forward problem all last season and met with little success. But at the start of these negotiations it did look as if Liverpool’s £4,000 figure would prove too great an obstacle.

Now we know of the happy ending. It is two seasons since Sam went South. Liverpool were reckoned to have paid £8,000 to Rangers for this dashing Irishman, who has scored many goals and represented his country.

He is a product of Yoker Athletic.
(Source: Dundee Courier: July 31, 1935)

Sam English
Sam English

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